Canon S500 interesting "nozzle check" results

Canon S500 interesting "nozzle check" results

Post by allen » Sun, 22 Jun 2003 13:02:02

We're having problems printing color photos with our S500.  Often, at
the bottom of the printed page, one "swipe" with no blue will be
followed by a "swipe" with too much blue, and then the last few swipes
may print decent, or they may have no blue/black at all... (Sporadic)

Many many cleans and deep cleans yield no different results.  Also,
when a "nozzle check" test is run, only the bottom half of each of the
two blue bars are printed.  Other colors show the full height of the
bars.  The printer is a year and a half old... ink tanks full and
properly installed... Dabbing a tissue paper to the print surface of
the print head dispenses full colors (and black) across the board.
Are we looking at a print head problem here?  Any suggestions on what
I can do to help the situation (short of buying another printer?)


1. "nozzle check print" to keep well state?

To avoid clog (if available, the most efficient way seems use printer
utility to
"nozzle check print"?) in printer heads, we need print or just power on
the printer
sometimes if not use it frequently. Or, the "clean" actions waste much
more inks !

Above experience applied to my Epson stylus 777(& 740) color printers,
just wonder if any bad side effect for printer while :  "cost" a little
ink through
"nozzle check printing" to keep the printer's excellent status for
smooth work?
Any comment appreciated!

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