Panasonic KX-P2123 and Windows 3.1

Panasonic KX-P2123 and Windows 3.1

Post by Robert McC » Sun, 31 Jan 1993 17:30:58

I have installed the Panasonic printer drivers for my KX-P2123 and
everything works fine under Windows ... for the most part.  However,
I ran into a problem while trying to print labels using Ami Pro 3.0.
It would only print the lsat couple of lines on each label.  Also
I couldn't get Ami Pro to print the first line of headers.

I ran into the same problem in Windows Write.  But it gave an error
message about using the top 0.6" of the page.

Apparently, because of the way that the 2123 positons the paper when
it is loaded, the driver tells Windows to throw away everything above
the 0.6" mark.

The question is:  Is there any way to tell these applications to start
printing regardless of where it thinks the paper is?  I'd like the
printer to assume that I've correctly positioned the labels and start

Thanks, Bob McCoy.


1. Win 3.1/WordPerfect 5.1 drivers for KX-P2123.


  I have looked all over, but I can not find drivers for the new
Panasonic KX-P2123 printer.  I have tried setting the printer to
emulate an IBM Proprinter X24E, and told WP-Dos to use that driver,
but when I print the "printer.tst" file, it comes out garbage.  I have
yet to try the Panasonic KX-P1124 driver, but I'd like to get it
set up with the right drivers so if they ever buy the color option, I
won't have to set it up again.  When I set the Windows 3.1 to use the
IBM driver, CorelDRAW! really messes up bad.
  I have already tried wuarchive, so if anyone knows of a specific
file or FTP site I could look at, please tell me.  If I get a driver,
I'll tell everyone where I got it, and (if needed) upload it to an
FTP site.
  Thanks for any help!


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