HP laserjet 6 and startup off computer

HP laserjet 6 and startup off computer

Post by Petrus Van den Cruyc » Mon, 02 Mar 1998 04:00:00

We have a lot off hp6 printers.  The latest computer we bought at our
school won't startup if the printer HP6 is connected with the PC's.  If we
disconnect the printer, startup and reconnect everything is going well.  
But this is a not the way it has to go.  Is there someone who knows this
problem and a real solution?  If possible a answer by e-mail  

Thanks  Petrus Van den Cruyce  Brussels Belgium


1. HP LaserJet 5L never sleep (at computer off)

Good morning,

        I have 586F63 T mother board (P133, Matrox Millenium video card,
SoundBlaster AWE32, Quantum TM hard disk) and HP Laserjet 5L.

        The printer is *not* connect to pc: sleep normally after 15
minutes, and wake up when I press her front switch.

        The printer is *connect* to pc with parallel cable: if the pc is
on, the printer sleep normally, but when I shut off Win95 the printer
wake up and never sleep whereas the computer is off. I must reboot a
Msdos session, wait 15 min. the printer sleep, power off the computer;
in this condition if I press printer switch not wake up.

        Why?   Can anyone help me?
        I want sleep my Laserjet 5L when I power off my computer.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

                Emanuele Verza

p.s. Excuse me for my bad English...

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