Canon BJC-210 problem in Win95

Canon BJC-210 problem in Win95

Post by Kerzh » Wed, 28 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone experienced communications problems with the Canon BJC-210?  I
downloaded the most recent drivers from the Canon site and I am using the
original version of Win95 (yes, I will at least try bringing it up to
95a).  The Canon test software (demo page, jet clean) works fine, but I
can't generate a test page or print from anything else.

I'd really appreciate it if you could also e-mail a response when you

Thanks in advance!


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All, I have a Canon BJC210 printer...I have both win 3.1 and 95 installed
on my computer because (but not entirely) my printer will not work with
Win95. It works just win in 3.1, but in Win 95 it prints a 3" line at the
top of the page with a bunch of garbled random characters....I go to the
printer setup, etc, and it seems like I get somewhere when I play with the
"spool" settings. When I change it from "raw" to "print directly to
printer" it prints the test page like a champ, but after I hit "apply" and
go into write or winword or whatever, it goes back to the garbled mess. I
tried d-loading the canon Win95 drivers but they didn't work for it
either....what's goin on here?    thanks   josh

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