WTB: Canon BJC-210 Adapter

WTB: Canon BJC-210 Adapter

Post by denn.. » Wed, 28 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I am looking for a DC 13.5V adapter cord for a Canon BJC-210 (new or

all help is appreciated.

1. Opening a Canon BJC-210

I own a Canon BJC-210, and there's something jammed down into the paper
feed area, blocking its path.  If I could only pop open the printer
somehow and remove the offending piece of crud (a chunk of poster
stick-tack, I believe), all would be well.

However, the printer is one of those snap-together plastic jobs, with
nary a screw to be found.  Aside from me taking a hacksaw to the thing,
is there an easy way to pop off a panel so I can get inside the thing?



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