Multi-part forms on lasers...?

Multi-part forms on lasers...?

Post by makem.. » Thu, 04 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I have a client who simply loads 3 colors into his laser printer tray...alternating canary, green, blue then sets the printer to print 3 copies all the time and bingo, he has his 3 part form.

Of course, this is about all he uses this printer for and even if he does have to print a single sheet of something it keeps the same paper order anyways.  If he needs something on white bond he uses the manual feeder.



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I'm looking for suggestions on a current model impact printer, 80 column, that
will accept a stack of 3-part carbonless "delievery tickets" for printing.
They are not pin-fed and I would rather not got that route.  Ideally, I'd like
to stack 50 tickets in a feeder or tray and have the printer pull them in for

As this will be an industrial application, a medium to heavy duty unit is
preferred.  Any suggestions of Manufacturers and Model numbers would be greatly

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