HP 882C won't feed paper

HP 882C won't feed paper

Post by cmbowe » Wed, 29 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Hi, new to this group. My 882C has taken a fit to where it won't pickup the
paper until it's tried 2 or 3 times, usually after indicating it's out of
paper and then pushing the form feed button. Watching the mechanism working
when it's acting up, it looks like the tab that lifts the paper stack to
touch the pickup rollers doesn't always lift the stack up...on the 2, 3, or
4th try, it will. I've throughly cleaned the inside of the unit and there is
no trace of foreign material or paper scraps that I can see. Any ideas would
be appriciated.



1. HP 882C Won't Pick Up Paper

Hi All
I hope someone can help. My HP 882 inkjet (after having some water or
milk spilled near the back) won't pick up paper. The rollers turn but
no paper is fed. It seems as if there should be a mechanism to lift
the paper up to the rollers and if there is, it's not working. Paper
can be hand fed one sheet at a time and the printer prints fine. I
thought that with the spillage, something is sticking but I don't know
how the side covers come off so I can get access to the insides.

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