getting unmapped memory exceptions

getting unmapped memory exceptions

Post by Ralf Tietz » Fri, 02 Jul 1999 04:00:00


when I'm trying to debug a CW Pro3 Project (C++,Mac, PP, PPC Code) with
own routines declared as pascal, that are used for MacOS-Library Calls
for customizing e.g. FileSelectorBox, I get an unmapped memory exception.
Then the de* shows assembler lines with unknown commands.

I get this behaviour even when using PP's UStandardFile::getDirectory
with unmodified code.
(The exception occures while calling the MacOS-Library-Function that
should use the pascal routine; the exception does not occur when calling
the same MacOS-Library-Function with no pascal routine)

So I think, that there may be something wrong in general, maybe with my
compiler settings? Are there any special settings, I have to use (I
haven't found any obvious ones)?