CW Debugger 1.6.4 break points

CW Debugger 1.6.4 break points

Post by Mark C Mieczkows » Fri, 14 Mar 1997 04:00:00

How do I set a break point in the de* when the source file is not in the
same file as the main() function?
Why will de* break in some cases and not others? This is one is

I have a function that I suspect is behaving badly while I'm not looking.
So, I'd like to step through it. It is not a member function.
(Like that should matter) I can set a break point at the function, I just
can't step into it! The de* just keeps on going as though I stepped over,
rather than into. <shrug>

why can a break on FSMakeFSSpec,

wasErr = ::FSMakeFSSpec(mAppFSpec.vRefNum, mAppFSpec.parID, mCurrFolderName,

// ...blah blah

and not FSpDirCreate?

wasErr = ::FSpDirCreate(&mCurrFSSpec, smSystemScript, &newDirID);