Getting started with OpenDoc

Getting started with OpenDoc

Post by Spec Bowe » Fri, 19 Jan 1996 04:00:00

There is a new way to quickly get started developing OpenDoc part editors.

AppMaker now supports the OpenDoc Development Framework (ODF). Just point
and click to design your part's menus and views, then have AppMaker
generate code for you. From the same AppMaker document you can choose to
generate ODF code for an OpenDoc part, or Procedural C or PowerPlant code
for a Mac application.

A demo version of AppMaker is on the CodeWarrior CD. An updater for ODF is
posted on AOL and AppleLink and should soon make it to Info-Mac.

Spec Bowers
Bowers Development
(developers of AppMaker)


1. Need help getting started, please

Hello to all,
        This fall I'm expanding my repetoire to the computer sciences.
So, "in a nutshell", I want to learn to programm c++ but I need the
books, CDROMs and all the handy stuff. What do y'all recommend
for a beginner w/no real previous experience, that is, what books
and programs. I'd like to "graduate" to learning Metrowerks
Codewarrior 9 when all the newbie stuff is said and done
(preferrably by Jan.'97) because I'd like to program for the MacOS
and BeOS.
        The computer I have now, this instant, is a 5200CD w/7.5.3
and 24MB RAM. By the time classes begin I hope to have a Power
Computing PowerBase-any comments on minimum RAM needed for
a programming environment?
        I'll be taking the standard Intro to Computing Machines but,
in a bit of daring, I'll also be taking Natural Language Processing.
I am a Linguistics student so hopefully I'll be able to contribute
something but I just know that class will be full of geeks so
hopeless they'll make me look normal ;-> You're supposed to take
about 3 classes before getting into that but I'll be graduating
next year sometime and it's only taught every so often so....
        In a note related to starting, does Metrowerks make a
beginners book? All the beginner books I've seen so far are by
Hayden or people/companies I've never heard of. Looking thru
MacTech and Developer Depot hasn't shed any light on the
situation. Oh, yeah, should I bother subscribing to MacTech?
I've boughten a couple issues so far but usually just to get my
grubby hands on alphas/betas/DRs of qool new upcoming stuff.
Most of what they talk about is...obviously "foreign" to me. Is the
stuff in there WAY WAY above me or will I "understand" it
somewhat after a couple months of studying?


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