Possible causes of Unmapped Memory Exceptions?

Possible causes of Unmapped Memory Exceptions?

Post by Rick Matejk » Sun, 10 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I'm running the JAVA 1.0.2 VM (non-JIT) on a Mac that I recently did a
clean install of System 7.6 on. Prior to reinstalling, I had no
problems with my JAVA applet or application. Now, I consistently get
"unmapped memory exceptions" in a routine called "exceptionDescribe".
I've provided an abbreviated MacsBug log below.

I've tried re-installing Metrowerks JAVA and also disabling all
unnecessary extensions. I'm running on an M-Power 604e200. I have the
same exact machine & OS at work and everything runs fine. The only
difference is the amount of physical RAM available. I've also tried
running with & without the Text Encoding extension installed.

Can anyone provide me with some other things to try so I can get back
up and running?  Thanks in advance.

Rick Matejka
Software Engineer
Vertex Software

PowerPC unmapped memory exception at 03FC73AC exceptionDescribe+00A34

  8-Aug-97 7:26:36 PM (since boot =3D 3 hours, 28 minutes)
  Current application is =B3Metrowerks Java=B2
  Machine =3D 514 (??), System $0760, sysu =3D $0000
  ROM version $077D, $37F3, $0001 (ROMBase $FFC00000)
  VM is on; paging is currently safe
  NIL^ =3D $FFC10000
  Stack space used =3D +27146130
 Address 03FC73AC is in VM file-mapped logical memory space
 The address is in a CFM fragment =B3JavaVM=B2 [non-write exec]
 It is 00011B7C bytes from the start of the fragment

 (CurStackBase does not seem to apply...dumping 4K.)
  Calling chain using A6/R1 links
  Back chain  ISA  Caller
  01333E90    PPC  03133C60  DoCleanupThreads+00AD4
  01333E40    PPC  03E2C598  LThread::DoEntry(void*)+00038
  01333DE0    PPC  03E29800  LmacosThread::Run()+0003C
  01333C80    PPC  03FD28E8  java_lang_System_arraycopy+0033C
  01333C20    PPC  03FD79F0  execute_java_dynamic_method+00038
  01333BE0    PPC  03FD8284  do_execute_java_method_vararg+004D8
  01333B20    PPC  03FDB9AC  do_execute_java_method_vararg+03C00
  013339D0    PPC  03FC76AC  ArrayAlloc+0003C
 Return addresses on the stack
  Stack Addr  Frame Addr   ISA   Caller
   01333CD2                68K   0051FFFE
   01333CC0                68K   0133363E
   01333CB8                PPC   03E29994
LmacosThread::SwapContext(unsigned char)+00058
   01333C88                PPC   03E29800 LmacosThread::Run()+0003C
   01333C28    01333C20    PPC   03FD28E8
   01333BE8    01333BE0    PPC   03FD79F0
   01333B72                68K   005203FC
   01333B28    01333B20    PPC   03FD8284
   01333A98    01333A90    PPC   03E2C9D0
   01333A88    01333A80    PPC   03133E10 DoCleanupThreads+00C84
   01333A38    01333A30    PPC   031342C0 DoCleanupThreads+01134
   013339D8    013339D0    PPC   03FDB9AC
   01333998    01333990    PPC   03FC76AC ArrayAlloc+0003C
   01333958    01333950    PPC   03E28324 sysMonitorExit+0002C
   01333948    01333940    PPC   03F82270 Java_sun_awt_image_ImageRepre=
   01333938    01333930    PPC   03FC9514 ObjAlloc+01E10
   01333928    01333920    PPC   03FC7288 exceptionDescribe+00910


1. why is this code causing an unmapped memory exception?

Hi everybody,

I try to change the text in an LCaption object, but the command
SetDescriptor doesn't do what I want it to do. Any idea?

      LStr255 theString;
      LCaption* theCaption = (LCaption*)mWindow->FindPaneByID(
growth_Rate_interval );
      theString.Assign( 4.5,FLOATDECIMAL,8);
      theCaption->SetDescriptor((ConstStringPtr ) theString);

mWindow is the global window variable, growth_Rate_interval is a constant
with the LCaption ID. Everytime the debugger tries to digest this line it
says there is an unmapped memory expception and stops.
Actually I tried to adapt the example from the PP book about Controls
(chapter 8), where in the lower right corner an LCaption displays the last

Thanks a lot, Christian.

Christian Jost, Universit Paris-Sud XI, Orsay, France

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