Standard Components library?

Standard Components library?

Post by Christopher Barkl » Thu, 03 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I learned C++ on a Unix platform, and I'm working on some stuff here.
I'm also starting on some Mac development after a couple of years
away, and I'm using CW for that.  In order to come up to speed on CW,
I pulled down some pretty vanilla C++ from our Unix box to play with.
Major barf time.  I figured out that CodeWarrior does not seem to have
the nearly universal (in the Unix world) Standard Components library.
All I'm using in this program is String, and I can probably
reimplement that myself if it comes to it, but I was wondering which
of the following is the case:

a) the stuff is in there and I'm too clueless to find it

b) it's not there because of these really great alternatives:

c) it's not there at all for this really good reason:

d) it's just not there.

Anyway, if you folks can help me become more enlightened, I'd
appreciate it.  Thanks!

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I have created some libraries with custom helper routines. I add this
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Can I include the librarie into the component project in a way that the
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When I use optimization does the compiler remove unused routines in the
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sure the routines realy exists in the application?

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