OpenGL extension in a shared library

OpenGL extension in a shared library

Post by bytemon.. » Fri, 08 Sep 2000 07:12:58

I'm having some problems linking code in a shared
library consisting of openGL code.

The problem is that I'm trying to implement some
scalibility by checking for certain OpenGL
extentions via the GL_EXTENSIONS string, then
assigning to a function pointer when it is
present. This compiles, links, and runs fine as
an application, but as a shared library it balks
at some of the extensions, not all, giving a link
error for example: "undefined 'glColorTableEXT'

I'm exporting the symbols via an .exp file. My
guess is that the library needs a definition of
the funtion which lives in the OpenGLLibrary, but
if I have to rely on definitions in the
OpenGLLibrary, this kind of defeats the purpose
of using the extensions.

This is OS 8-9, CW 5.3 mac, PPC BTW. Any ideas?

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WebGenesis, Inc.

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