QD-GX Printer Extensions

QD-GX Printer Extensions

Post by Joe Miche » Fri, 30 Sep 1994 08:18:46

Has any one tried using CodeWarrior to build GX printer extensions? I'm
having problems building a code resource that has the required Jump Table
at the begining of the 'pext' code resource.  I'm getting the "Standard"
code resource header and what I need is no header.

1. Powerplant and QD GX/OpenDoc

It has just been suggested to me that several of my complaints (zooming
text, minimum line thicknesses of 1 point, ugly polygons when shrunk to
a small siz, etc.) would go away if I were to redo my program using
Quickdraw GX.  I have not yet begun to investigate this, but I am curious
how PowerPlant will interact.  Has anyone used the PP structures with a
QDGX project?

Somewhat farther off in the future, OpenDoc will appear.  I know that
MWC++ can be used to create OpenDoc part handlers, but is PowerPlant
going to be able to handle it?

If yes, are there any particular demos or samples I should see, and if
no, when can we expect some sort of changes?


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