Adding attributes

Adding attributes

Post by Jeremy Mordkof » Thu, 22 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I need to add an attribute to every record that is returned. First,
because it is not listed in the default dictionary, how do I add it?
Second, do I have to configure the attribute value for every user, or is
there a way to set a global value?

MS IAS on NT 4.0

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We generate invoices using a report generator called SQR.  We want to
view these from the web so I thought we could generate postscript output
from SQR, then run the Distiller to convert into PDF.  My question is:
how can we automate the population of the document info fields (Title,
author, other custom fields) so they can be indexed via Search97 or
Index Server?  Should this be part of the process that generates the PS
file?  Or is it part of the script that I use to convert from Distiller
into PDF?  We don't want any of this to be manual?

Thanks in advance.

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