Unit tests for JUnit (Was: Unit tests for GUI programming?)

Unit tests for JUnit (Was: Unit tests for GUI programming?)

Post by Kent Bec » Thu, 13 Sep 2001 02:55:08

Quote:> I'm also interested in the problem of testing GUIs, and I think it
> would be very instructive to see the test suites that Gamma and Beck
> use in their development of JUnit.  Are those available anywhere?  (I
> couldn't find them in the JUnit distribution.)

Can't help much with testing GUIs, except to suggest you make them as this
as possible and test everything else. The JUnit tests are in junit.tests.
You have to unzip src.zip to get the sources.



1. Unit tests for GUI programming?

I just discovered XP a couple of weeks ago.  My work nowadays is
mostly GUI programming.  GUIs can go wrong in many different ways that
are hard to check for in an automated test (i.e. in a test that does
not require the programmer to at the very least *look* at the GUI).
This is because whether a GUI is right or not is something that only
the human user can determine; it's a gestalt thing.  Therefore, my
testing step is necessarily laborious and time-consuming, which means
that I don't do it as frequently as I should.

Does anybody know of tools and techniques to facilitate unit testing
during GUI development?



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