JUnit 3.7 and Ant 1.4 Property definitions - don't work

JUnit 3.7 and Ant 1.4 Property definitions - don't work

Post by christoph » Wed, 17 Oct 2001 21:52:08

Do Ant JUnit tasks require an environment variables for CLASSPATH?

My Ant JUnits always fail with a Ant Property defined CLASSPATH.

I am trying to write OS independant Ant scripts that build, demploy
and call my JUnit tests.  I use property definitions (in a file) for
all the environment parameters (CLASSPATH et al) and have had good
results with all the standard tasks.

The JUnit's fail every time.  The error is 'cannot find the
optional.jar' - which is on the Property defined CLASSPATH.  These
same Property definitions converted to env vars work great!  I have
also tried some <systemproperty> and <classpath> overrides in the
JUnit task itself to no avail.

Comments appreciated.


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I did not have that  problem when I was using 1.2 couple months ago on
another project and I suspect that it is because of the new JVM. Does
anybody experienced the same problem ?


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