XP training workshop agenda?

XP training workshop agenda?

Post by Flemming S. Nielse » Tue, 27 Feb 2001 22:33:31

Hi there!

I am planning an internal XP workshop and wondered if any of you had a very
good agenda for such a workshop. My plan was to do some introductory session
on the 4 values (communication, simplicity, Courage and Feedback), the 12
basic principles, and the iterative development model. Then I would like to
activiate the participants with various assignments like creating stories,
try to estimate them, break them down into tasks etc.

Any good ideas of what a "full" workshop should contain? I am flexible on
the timing - it could be 1 day or it could be 3 days. The audience are very
experience programmers.

Flemming S. Nielsen


1. OO Education and Training Workshop

Are you looking for a great place to spend some time this summer while
learning a lot of new things (and writing it all off as a business
;-) ...
Check out the OOPSLA Mid-Year Workshop on OO Education and Training in
beautiful, dry, cool but sunny Colorado in July.

          OOPSLA Mid-Year Workshop on OO Education and Training
                         July 19-21, 1998
                         Denver, Colorado
            (extended early registration deadline:  June 16th)

  The 1998 OOPSLA Mid-Year Workshop on OO Education and Training is
  actively seeking participants who are interested in finding ways to
  enhance OO education and training.  Those from industry and academia
  who are involved (in any way) with object technology training and
  education are encouraged to attend.  The most important qualification

  is a willingness to discuss problems, share thoughts and ideas and
  produce results.  The goal is to produce concrete solutions to the
  challenges facing all those who teach OO.

  Each participant needs to submit a brief 1-3 page position statement
  as a "contribution" to the baseline for workshop discussions.
  Information about these statements and the workshop is available at

  Details concerning all of the OOPSLA Mid-Year workshops, including
  nice location and the inexpensive cost, can be found at:

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