Setting up CppUnit with GUI-Testrunner

Setting up CppUnit with GUI-Testrunner

Post by Ole Laurisc » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 18:32:31

Hello everybody!

For some days I'm trying to set up CppUnit (version 1.9.10). I have
been able to create a project, where the framework works and the tests
run correctly. But it's only the commandline-based testrunner. I need
to get the GUI testrunner working for my diploma thesis.

Can anybody help me out? I read all the Docs and tried to get the
examples running, but get stucked everywhere. Unfortunetely I'm an
absolute beginner in C++, but I have no time to really learn it,
because I have to hand in my diploma thesis by the August 15th.

Does anybody know a step-by-step guide or have a small sample
application for me??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Hi everyone,

I've just read Extreme Programming Explained over the weekend, and while
I like the idea of it, I'm not sure if it would ever really work here.

The main app I work on is written in C++ and mainly does lots of GUI
stuff that lets the users get stuff from a database.  How on earth do
you write little unit tests for code like that?

I can't see any way of doing it for the GUI code.

And doing it for the database access stuff - setting up the individual
test would take so long and be so error prone that there is no way I
could convince any one else to do it ....

Oh well, I suppose I could try it for the other functions but a lot of
them seem so trivial I wonder if it's worth doing for them?

Maybe it'll give me a few ideas on how to test the rest of it.


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