XP Overview - New Orleans

XP Overview - New Orleans

Post by Narti Kitiyaka » Thu, 23 Aug 2001 22:45:43

A complimentary 1 day XP Overview will be conducted in New Orleans on
9/28. Anyone wishing to learn more about XP is welcome to attend.
Robert Martin and Lowell Lindstrom will be leading the discussion.
Registration can be made at ObjectMentor's website

1. ANN: Free one day XP/Agile Overview in St. Louis and Chicago.

Object Mentor invites you to attend our free one day Extreme
Programming overview classes.  There is one in St. Louis on August
14th, and another in Chicago (Vernon Hills) on August 21st.  Others
will be announced on our website from time to time.

These classes will cover the principles and practices of Agile
software development using Extreme Programming.  We'll be talking
about all the XP practices in detail, and will provide demonstrations
of pair programming, test first design, and the planning game.  We'll
also discuss strategies for transitioning your organization to use
more Agile techniques like XP.  

This is the same XP overview that we have been giving for a couple of
years now, and it's full of content.  You will leave this class
knowing a lot more about XP.

Yes, there will probably be a small sales pitch in there somewhere
too.  TANSTAAFL.  

If you'd like to attend, you can register on our website

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