8-bit clean client telnet for ASM/CS & 9.21(3)

8-bit clean client telnet for ASM/CS & 9.21(3)

Post by Aaron Y.T. Cheu » Mon, 08 Aug 1994 15:32:02

HI. I've a customer who want to access compuserve across the
Internet, but want a 8-bit clean connection via telnet, so
that he could use other compuserve software goodies other than
the text mode.  But I think I'm asking this question in
general( since, for example, Solaris 2.3 has the 8-bit clean

My question: our dialup frontend is an ASM/CS-112 with 9.21(3)
software.  Does this setup support 8-bit clean client telnet?

I looked at "telnet transparent" and "telnet /steam"; the
transparent mode apparently has nothing to do with 8-bit
stuff, and I don't see the /stream mode refers to 8-bit
matters either from the documentation.

Any suggestions?
Regards, /aaron.