IP Accounting Pros and Cons

IP Accounting Pros and Cons

Post by Rob Mitchel » Sat, 12 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Here in Wyoming State Government we have one agency (Administration and
Information) that's required to provide the data processing
infrastructure, including the WAN, for the other agencies.  This is not
funded directly through the general budget but is instead funded from the
individual agencies' budgets by billing them for their usage of the
infrastructure.  Currently we are billing by ip or mac address.  As usual
some agencies think they are paying a disproportionate part of the overall
costs of the WAN because they have a large number of addresses per port
while other agencies have very few addresses per port.  We are trying to
find a more equitable way to bill for our services.  Besides billing by
address, we are considering changing to billing by amount of traffic (bytes)
or by interface port (ethernet or token-ring).  What are your experiences
with these different types of billing schemes and which would you recommend?


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1. Netware: IP vs. IPX performance pros/cons??

Does anyone have input and/or experience with file server performance using
either IPX/SPX or TCP/IP on Netware??  I am considering a move to all TCP/IP
to help with internet/intranet integration and routing issues.

What are the pros/cons, in addition to performance issues, in your opinion?
Is integration with NT Servers (4.0) better or worse with IPX or TCP/IP?

We use both NW 3.12 and NW 4.11, so if there is specific input on either OS,
that would be very interesting.  Clients include NT 4.0 (45%), Win95 (45%),
and DOS (10%).

I have heard that IP on NW 3.12 is not that good and/or not that standard.  If
this is the case, should we push for NW 4.11 only as we move to TCP/IP?

Thanks for any suggestions.
Kent Curtis
DR Systems

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