VPN - anyone having good luck with PIX and private link card?

VPN - anyone having good luck with PIX and private link card?

Post by Preben Soeber » Wed, 23 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I think Cisco dropped Ravlin because they didn't fix bugs timely.
We have used Private Link with PL2 card for years without ANY problem.
Consider using IPSec on PIX ver. 5.0.3 or better 5.1, then you don't need the PL2 card
(depending on your demands for throughput)



  We use Compatible Systems' (www.compatible.com) IntraPort VPN system. It works great, has free client software for Macs, Windows, Solaris and Linux and also supports LAN to LAN tunnels. It is also the highest performance VPN system available (they have 4 models ranging in price and performance). The previous Cisco VPN products were pretty lame IMHO.

  If you want to use Cisco stuff then that's OK too because they just bought Compatible Systems.

  Bill Vlahos
  Jet Propulsion Laboratory

  >We need a solution to provide secure IP over internet. We have a PIX
  >firewall in place and Cisco is recommending the private link 2 card. Main
  >client is suggesting we use Ravlin instead - they are claiming Cisco is
  >buggy. Others in my group want to use Linux and "roll yer own". I would
  >prefer to use the Cisco PIX encryption card and thought it was a safe bet
  >until reading several negatives on this newsgroup.
  >Is anyone using this card in a PIX with good success?