is cisco selling ATA 186 business

is cisco selling ATA 186 business

Post by spenc » Sun, 29 Feb 2004 12:38:30

I called for support today.  TAC told me they were selling it, when i
asked who, they said they weren't allowed to reveal it.

anyone heard anything?


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Hi all

i have in network configured with Services Provider 2 ATA 186 installed
in my network with 2 phone

iam able to call any where in the world phone

i want to dial ATA 186 phone to ATA 186 phone

how can dial

1 ip address of ATA is 202.x.x.30
2 ip addrress of ATA is 202.63.x.31

how can dial 30 to 31

iam not able to do
could some one help me thanks
ain advacne

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