Cisco Catalyst 3550-24 SMI to EMI conversion

Cisco Catalyst 3550-24 SMI to EMI conversion

Post by Bombay CCIE Study Group 200 » Thu, 16 Feb 2006 23:55:40

Hi, I'm planning to buy a 3550 for my CCIE study lab & need to know if
ANY Cisco Catalyst 3550-24 SMI can be converted to EMI by changing the
IOS image or has Cisco created some restrictions whereby these can only
be upgraded on certain models and not on certain ones.

I know of people who have upgraded their 3550 SMI switches to EMI
images, but have recently heard that Cisco was planning to change
something whereby this is no longer possible.

Also, please also advise me on Catalyst 3750 switches. Are these going
to be replacing the 3550s in the lab & will 3550s remain suitable
enough for lab practice or will there be features that are not
available in the 3550s but present in the 3750s that will make
investment in 3550s not very advisable?

Request a clarification.



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Here are a few quick questions about the differences between 3550-24-SMI and
3550-24-EMI.  One vendor told me it is PERFECTLY OK to purchase 3550-24-SMI
(at a lower cost that EMI) and upgrade same to the 3550-24-EMI which can
then be used for CCNP/CCIE studies.  I am trying to determine if there are
any DOWNSIDES to this approach.

*   What are the main differences between 3550-24-SMI and 3550-24-EMI ?
*   Is it OK to purchase a Catalyst 3550-24-SMI at a lower cost and upgrade
to 3550-24-EMI for use in CCNP/CCIE Lab ?
*   Is it true that these two Catalyst Switches have identical hardware but
different IOS ?
*   If I upgrade the SMI to EMI do I then have a device identical (in
software & hardware) to an original Catalyst 3550-24-EMI ?


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