IPv6 testing ?

IPv6 testing ?

Post by Tamas Csino » Sun, 19 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,

Does anybody know how I can get to test Cisco's IPv6 (IPng) implementation?

Thanks for answers.

best regards,


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1. ipv6 source routing / ipv6 policy routing


I would like to do source routing with ipv6 addresses.
Does anyone know if this is possible with ipv6 on a cisco (or on something
else like *bsd)?

I know it is possible to do this in ipv4, like this:

Westasman(config)#access-list 1 permit
Westasman(config)#route-map slow4u permit 10
Westasman(config-route-map)#match ip address 1
Westasman(config-route-map)#set interface serial 0/1
Westasman(config)#interface fastethernet 0/0
Westasman(config-if)#ip policy route-map slow4u"

Thanks in advance,

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