Frame Relay & Bandwidth on demand

Frame Relay & Bandwidth on demand

Post by Martin Walsh » Wed, 24 Jun 1998 04:00:00

If I have a 7204 with a Frame Relay link and an E1 link on one side,
and a 7010 with a 4 spare ISDN-2 ports, is it possible to use say 4 of
the B channels on the E! link to connect to the ISDN-2 ports on the
7010 as a top up to the Frame Relay Link ?

I hope this makes sense



1. ISDN Bandwidth on demand to augment Frame-Relay

Hi all,
Has anybody any experience or comments on using ISDN to provide extra
bandwidth during peak utilization times for a 5 site frame relay network?

The scenario would have a host and 4-5 remote sites each with a 56k Frame
Relay access and ISDN BRIs. Due to the time zone difference the 56k is
sufficient for 80-90+% of the day.  My objective is to be able to burst to
much higher rates for short periods.

If the remotes are all sending at moderate speed to the host(say 30% load),
the bandwidth used at the remote would be moderate and not trigger the
threshold dial out but the 56k pipe at the host could be choked. Assuming
that I set the host router threshold to dial on inbound (and outbound
traffic) where would the router dial? How would it know which remote needs
the extra bandwidth? (assume that I have a PRI or several BRI interfaces on
the host router)


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