CPA1004 BRI + chat-script?

CPA1004 BRI + chat-script?

Post by <JDUS.. » Fri, 16 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I have been having *drastic* problems with a CiscoPro 1004 ISDN BRI port
It appears to not be using the chat-script I assign to the BRI. When I
choose 'debug chat' 'debug dialer' and 'debug isdn event', I am not seeing
any references to using a chat script.

My situation is as follows:
BRI --> Livingston Portmaster (expecting a login sequence, *not* CHAP or PAP)

All debug results show the ISDN link connect, but then drop because no packets
may be passed (I have not been able to 'login' to the Livingston).

My box is running 11.0(6) (CiscoPro version)

Any and all help/assistance would be appreciated


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