ios 11.0(8) and chat-script

ios 11.0(8) and chat-script

Post by Andrew Mieh » Mon, 04 Aug 1997 04:00:00


Currently having a REALLY wierd problem.

A cisco 2503 running ios 11.0(8)

I want to use
chat-script dialnum "" atdt\T TIMEOUT 60 CONNECT \c

I enter conf mode
then type

If I then do a write term, I see
chat-script dialnum "" atdtT TIMEOUT 60 CONNECT c

ok, if I type
"chat-script dialnum "" atdt\\T TIMEOUT 60 CONNECT \\c"
I get
chat-script dialnum "" atdt\T TIMEOUT 60 CONNECT \c

Good... well, not really, because when i reboot the router,
the chat-script looks like
chat-script dialnum "" atdtT TIMEOUT 60 CONNECT c
again... any ideas?




1. chat-script 'EVENT' limitation with cisco's IOS

Well, I'm having a bit of an issue with chat-scripts on the 2511's.

Here's the situation:

sv1(config-line)#script ?
  activation  chat script to run whenever line is activated
  connection  chat script to run whenever connection is made to the line
  dialer      chat script to run whenever dialer makes an outgoing call
  reset       chat script to run whenever line is reset
  startup     chat script to run at system startup

Though cisco was nice enough to give us a few different events
to assign chat-scripts to, the one I need doesn't seem to be here :(

What I want to do is send some 'AT' commands to the connected modems
each time the calling user disconnects. I don't trust the modem to
remember it's commands, call me paranoid.. At anyrate, the 'reset'
chat event comes the closest to filling my requirement. Unfortunately,
for some reason, the 'reset' event calls the chat-script BEFORE it
toggles DTR (which causes the connected user to be disconnected),
so right before the user is disconnected they get to see some AT
commands.. The cisco doesn't get an "OK" back ofcourse, because it's
trying to chat with the user's dumb-terminal, gets frustrated, and
the chat-script process dies.. THEN ofcourse the DTR is toggled and
the user is happily hung up. Needless to say, there's no benefit for
using the 'reset' event unless you want to include '+++<delay>ath0'
in your chat script to hang the modem up manually, which is not only
tacky, but insecure.

As a programmer myself, I don't imagine adding another chat-script event
of this type would be terribly difficult considering how close the 'reset'
event already is.  What are the chances of cisco doing that for me? :-)

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