2503 BRI0:1 hardly ever dials.

2503 BRI0:1 hardly ever dials.

Post by Ken Kirk » Sun, 15 Jun 1997 04:00:00

We have a 2503 connected to a Ascend MAX4000. The 2503 has 14K/2K memory and
of course 8mb FRAM.

The IOS version is 11.2(1)

! Last configuration change at 15:57:22 AET Fri Jun 13 1997
! NVRAM config last updated at 21:29:57 AET Thu Jun 12 1997
version 11.2
service timestamps debug datetime localtime
service timestamps log datetime localtime
hostname huakere
boot system flash
enable secret 5 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
username kakapo password xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
no ip source-route

ip domain-name terrigal.net.au
ip name-server
ip name-server
ip name-server
ip name-server
ip name-server
ip name-server
isdn switch-type basic-ts013
clock timezone AET 10
clock summer-time AEST date Nov 1 1995 20:00 Apr 1 1996 19:59
interface Ethernet0
 description Local Ethernet
 ip address 203.16.244.z
 bridge-group 1
interface Virtual-Template1
 ip unnumbered Ethernet0
 no cdp enable
 ppp multilink
interface Serial0
 no ip address
 no fair-queue
interface Serial1
 no ip address
interface BRI0
 description Terrigal-Net #2 ISDN
 ip address
 ip access-group 101 in
 ip access-group 102 out
 ip tcp header-compression
 encapsulation ppp
 dialer idle-timeout 200000
 dialer enable-timeout 5
 dialer wait-for-carrier-time 15
 dialer string 0299285800
 dialer load-threshold 40 either
 dialer-group 1
 no fair-queue
 ppp multilink
router rip
no ip classless
ip route (ip addresses of others changed,
so might not have masks right)

On call disconnection, BRI re-establishes itself with first BRI0:1 then
BRI0:2, but once BRI0:2 is established, BRI0:1 drops out.

However occassionally BRI0:1 will dial, and then the call hangs in there
for the dialer idle-timeout period. When this happens (good) show dialer
reason for BRI0:1 ppp multilink bundle overload ( which shows the BRI0
rotary group is working),and BRI0:2 shows the cause of dialing as the static
route to

This config used to work fine on two other links, but on this its a puzzle.
Is it the lack of ppp authentication, that causes it. We believe we have
callerid enabled on our lines. Cant understand why it kicks in sometimes. Is
the dialer load-threshold not working.

Any help will be welcome.

Ken Kirkby
K. J. Kirkby and Associates Pty Ltd.
Real-Time Computer Engineering Hardware & Software.
Internet Providers to the NSW Central Coast.

http://www.terrigal.net.au/~kjka fx 61-43-853720


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