differences between Dialer Map Brdige and Dialer String on ISDN (problem with Bridging!)

differences between Dialer Map Brdige and Dialer String on ISDN (problem with Bridging!)

Post by Emmanuel BRISS » Sat, 07 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Witch are the differences between "Dialer Map Bridge" and "Dialer String"?

Why this question? It's because i have a pb with Bridging (BNA, IPX, IP)

When i use a Dialer String command, i have no pb but when i use a "Dialer map
bridge name Router1 broadcast" 'command, IP and IPX run correctly but not BNA
(Only a part of the BNA Trafic cross the router!)

I don't found where is the pb! The only difference is the dialer map bridge
who remplace the Dialer string!

Thanks for your help!


1. ISDN PRI, Bridge dialer maps

We have a PRI ISDN line that we use to backup a f/r port, and dial out
(or in) from a hub to multiple remote sites.

Am I correct that while we can specify 23 dialer maps for up to 23
remote sites for IP and DECnet, we can specify only one for bridging.

We have no need to declare bridged packets as "interesting", but it
appears that for the packets to be bridged at all a dialer map statement
is required, and (according to trying and also according to the manual)
only one dialer-map statement can be added for "bridge" per interface.

In a PRI it appears you use the "D" channel as the place to specify
this, so despite there being 23 separate interfaces, you have only one
interface to put the bridge dialer map and so can only point to one

Bridging is not a big deal but we still do use it for a couple of low
volume protocols (e.g. MOP downloads), and it would be less confusing if
those were available during a dial-backup situation as well.

Am I missing something?


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