Help with Cisco Network Designer Software

Help with Cisco Network Designer Software

Post by Hung Ngoc La » Wed, 09 Aug 2000 04:00:00

Hi Everyone,

My company is sending to Cisco training in San Jose for a one day training
on a Cisco Software called "Cisco Network Designer".  However, I won't go
until October (stupid people from HR screwed up the schedule).  At the
moment, I am going to be at customer site in about 10 days to do a customer
survey.  Over there, the customer is using Cisco Network Designer.  I would
like to get familiar with the product.  I understand that Cisco will NOT give me
the product until I go to the training.  However, if someone can help me (by
lending me the software temporarily), I would really appreciate it.  I do NOT
want to look like an idiot when I am at customer site in 10 days.  
Many thanks.



1. MONTREAL Help Wanted: Senior Software Designers SIP/GSM Map Protocols



Smart start-up in Montreal (Quebec) Canada, with new venture capital
ready to hire strong engineers and developers:

Responsibilities: design and implement carrier-grade Home Location
Register (HLR) type products for the Mobile GSM networks. This network
element will interact, amongst others, with Visitor Location Registers
(VLRs), Mobile Switching Centers (MSCs), Gateway-MSCs, and SIP based
application servers.

Technology (MUSTS): GSM MAP (MAP-C, MAP-D, MAP-H), SS7, C++,
mobile/wireless networks topologies.

Technology (ASSETS): Solaris, IP, VoIP, SIP, SIMPLE, TRIP, ENUM, GSM

Skills: initiative & creativity, personal drive & willingness to work
hard, quality-oriented, system view/analysis, teaming



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