Cisco 677 vs. Cisco SOHO 77 comparison (CBOS/IOS etc.)

Cisco 677 vs. Cisco SOHO 77 comparison (CBOS/IOS etc.)

Post by Jaco » Mon, 30 Apr 2001 22:34:56

Hi group

We have an ADSL Internet connection, which currently goes through a Cisco
677 ADSL router. But, recently, our ISP offered us, for a low fee, to switch
the 677 to the new Cisco SOHO 77 ADSL router. I have read the product docs
on the Cisco site, and for what I can judge from this, it seems to be a
better product. However, there's some areas, where I really would appreciate
some comments. These are:

CBOS vs. IOS: I know, that IOS is the OS also used in the high-end
enterprise routers offered by Cisco. The SOHO 77 is running IOS, and I would
like to know a little more about, what IOS can do and CBOS cannot do. My
primary interests are NAT support and firewall/packet filtering
functionality. The CBOS lacks support for NAT ranges - it has been
implemented in the latest v2.4.1, but our ISP advised not to upgrade from
the current 2.3.0, because 2.4.1 according to their tests is too unstable.

Ethernet: According to,
the Ethernet interface only supports 10Mbps. However, our LAN is currently
running 100Mbit on the 677 - this is also stated on - does
this mean, that we will be limited to running 10Mbit on the LAN, if we
switch to the SOHO 77? I don't completely understand this - why are the
Ethernet only 10Mbit, or have I misunderstood this completely?

What's your overall opinion? Should we switch from the 677 to the SOHO 77?
All kinds of experience and advice is appreciated!

Thanks in advance!



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I got one Soho 77 CISCO from a friend that upgraded it with a Cisco 837.

I browsed the Cisco's Website and I read that Soho 77 has fixed memory size
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So I ask you in the newsgroup which is the latest version of IOS installable
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Someone can help me?

thank you.

Mr Spadoni from Italy

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