Old Info Needed: Lightstream 100 Trade-In Plan

Old Info Needed: Lightstream 100 Trade-In Plan

Post by Che-Hoo Chen » Sat, 11 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Hi all,

I'm helping somebody to obtain some old info about the already obsolete
trade-in plan of Lightstream 100 (worth 50% of purchase price if traded
up to 1010?).  That guy just told me that he is in argument with Cisco
about the plan.  Info in any format is fine with me as long as you can
send it to me.  :)

Thanks in advance.


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1. need to reset password on a Cisco lightstream 100

I recently bought an used Cisco Lightstream 100 at a auction, and am trying
to get the enable password.  I have search Cisco's web site, with no results.
I have gotten into the monitor, and the help there seems to imply if i
can boot it off an image on the net, i can also tell it to ignore the
configuration.  but i don't have a image file for it to boot from.  

here's a brief log of the startup message:

Cisco Systems, Inc. LightStream 100
LS100 Software Version 3.1(1)
Boot ROM Version K02 22 Mar 95
ATMSIG Version 3.1(0.17) [960215:0925]

will the above method work?  Where could i get an image file to boot from
(preferably without $$)?  is there some other way to reset the enable password?

oh, on a side note, anyone know how much is this unit worth?  it has 5 oc-3
MMF atm cards installed.


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