Cisco 675 Router question

Cisco 675 Router question

Post by Scot » Fri, 01 Jun 2001 04:34:19


Can the Cisco 675 router be used for anything else, other than DSL routers



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Will this configuration work to pass data from point a to point b over a
pair of wires?  Has anyone done it?  I have a spare '675 and my ISP bought
one on eBay.  Anyway, the application is to pass 512k of bandwidth
from point a to point b over a pair of wires within the same building.
We tried just ethernet but the distance was too great and we can't install
repeaters.  Cisco's pre-sales tech support said it was possible to get the
two to pass data over the wire.

Well, lots of things are "possible" with Cisco products :-) but getting the
config files just right so the two boxes make nice is quite another matter.
Have any of you ever tried this??  The Cisco that I have was formerly used
with US West's DSL offering, I know nothing about the other box at this
Are the default passwords left that way or does USWest do something special?

I will post my results to this NG.  I intend to try a straight thru cable,
and if that doesn't work I'll cross tip and ring.  Would settle for bridge
mode but will try for routing PPP.  I have the older version of the software
on the 675 that I've got, don't know about the other one.

Tim Petlock

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