Prompt for user input in 25xx menu ????

Prompt for user input in 25xx menu ????

Post by Dana Wol » Wed, 08 Mar 1995 02:29:03

        I'd like to prompt the user for input within a menu I've created
on a 2511. For example, I'd like the menu to execute the telnet command
after prompting the user for a host name. We're currently not letting the user
out of the menu system.

I've scanned the UniverCD but didn't see anything. Thanks.



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1. Menu carriage return and prompt on 2511


I have set up menus on dial up lines on a 2511. The problem I have is that I
need to emulate a menu that we run on an annex terminal server.

The last two things that I need to do to get the cisco menu working properly

After modems connect the cisco appears to need a carriage return before it
gives the menu (you are faced with a blank screen) - how do I make it pop up
the "username:" prompt immediately the modems connect rather than requiring
the carriage return.

The version 11.0(8) that I am using has a default prompt at the end of the
menu that says "Selection:" I am needing to change it to "Terminal:" - I have
heard that this is possible, but not how to do it. It is not an option in the
menu command.

Any help in this regard would be appreciated

Many Thanks

Roy Terlien

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