newbie question ?

newbie question ?

Post by prasha » Fri, 12 Mar 2004 06:35:25

Hi! all,
I am new to this group. Currently on the east coast in US, I am
planning to give my CCNA exam. But I am not sure how much prep time is
needed and what are the best books to refer and how do i go about in
preparing for CCNA?

Any help would be appreciated.



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I have a router 1721 router with 2 WAN Interface Cards (WICs) and 1 buildin

1) Ethernet0  = is connected to a TV cable modem (for internet browsing
etc..) and gets it's ip address from a dhcp server

2) fastethernet0 =
This ethernet is connected to a third-party switch (from TRENDNET) where I
have my home network connected: /
All PCs get there ip address from a dhcp server running on the cisco router.

I have bought a WIC-4ESW Cisco 4-Port Fast Ethernet Switch WAN Interface
Which are:
3) fastethernet1
4) fastethernet2
5) fastethernet3
6) fastethernet4

I would like to connect a PC to fastethernet1 (from WIC-4ESW ) with an ip
address of
a) The pc (with IP should be able to ping any host on the
b) The pc (with IP should be able to ping any host on the
c) The network should be able to ping the host

How do I have to configure the vlan stuff etc....?
Unfortunately I have no experience and no idea how to do a vlan
So "any" help (links, books etc) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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