1 Hop Away - Grayed Browse List

1 Hop Away - Grayed Browse List

Post by Peter Hanso » Thu, 27 Mar 1997 04:00:00

        We have some NT users connected with Cisco Routers ( 1 hop away ) who are
logging into the Domain OK, but now quite all the way.  When they Net View,
they see themselves only on the Domain.  They can Net Use l: \\  ... to
Servers OK, they can explicitly specify Net View - ServerName - OK, but
they appear grayed on Server Manager and  cannot change their password.

        Peter Hanson

        They do not have a lmhosts file, we are using Wins ( specified in the DHCP
Scope ).


1. Anybody know what a "gray-hole hop" is?

Some Jalaam marketing material (www.jaalam.com) sez  that their
appareNet (tm) NMS product can detect "Black-Hole / Gray-Hole Hops".
I've never heard this terminology before. I assume a black-hole hop is a
packet that get's dropped and instead of being forwarded by a router?
 But what would a gray-hole hop be?


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