Boot problems in 2511

Boot problems in 2511

Post by Rafael Hernandez-Rio » Wed, 06 Aug 1997 04:00:00


We have a serious boot problem with a new Cisco 2511. When booted, it
seems that the speed is different from emulator (currently 9600),
because it fills with characters.

Is there any terminal key set that forces the router to normal boot or
to change boot options to factorys default boot sequence?

Thanks in advance,

Rafael Hernandez-Rios


1. 2511 and double dial-ins

Since upgrading a 2511 from 11.2-9 to 12.0-10, it seems that 90% of the
time, it takes two dial-up attempts to connect into the 2511.  (It
appears to have happened right around that time.)  The modem bank
consists of MultiTech MultiModem II MT2834BR 33.6 modems.  The first
attempt results in no username prompt.  No amount of returns gets any
responses.  A second attempt gets through no problem.  I haven't
troubleshooted this extensively yet, but thought someone out there might
say, "that's an easy question, you need to do x."  Any help would be

Thanks in advance,

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