(PBX)-pots<->vic-fxo-(cisco2600)-10baseT<->10baseT-(cisco ata-186)-FXS-pots?

(PBX)-pots<->vic-fxo-(cisco2600)-10baseT<->10baseT-(cisco ata-186)-FXS-pots?

Post by cyru » Wed, 26 Nov 2003 07:26:34

I hope someone can help, I have a remote office that I would like to
connect to our old PBX, I have a Cisco 26xx, if I pick up a VIC-FXO
card, connect it to my switch pots and buy a ata-186 or something like
that, would this accomplish a remote extension? Or do I need VOCAL or
asterisk also in the mix, what software would I need for the Cisco?

1. >>>>>>>A Conspiracy?<<<<<<<

I have suspected some noise problems on my line as well, but without
any hard evidence as of yet; I have, simply, not exhausted every
effort to do so at this time.  However, in my endeavor to find some
valid answers to my particular modem problems, I have been given some
very thought provoking responses by other folks online and various
modem manufacturers.  Most of today's modems have been designed to
work on "voice" grade phone lines.  Yet, when you call the phone
companies about the expected quality of your phone line, they simply
say that, they guarantee that you will be able to clearly talk and
listen on your residental phone lines.  Now, if modem manufacturers
are designing their modems to operate to "voice" grade phone line
specifications, as I'm sure they are, why does the phone company offer
this vague description of residential phone line quality?  Somebody is
not telling the whole truth here!  I theorize that the phone companies
have gotten away with providing substandard phone line quality for
some time now and until the advent of high speed modems these
deficiency have gone unchecked by the average customer.  What I find
even more outragous is that, the phone companies are more than happy
to tell and sell their customers expensive possible solutions to their
current phone line problems.  Am I missing something here?  "It is
possible that you (the phone company) are not giving me the level of
service I am ALREADY paying for."

If any other readers out there feel the way I do, then, please, write
me or post something to support or even discredit these hypothoses.  
A lot of us are trying to work at home now-a-days and can't afford to
be jerked around any longer, if, infact, we are.  If this is a real
problem, it needs to be fixed not ignored.

Note:  These are my stong personal beliefs and, as of yet, are not
       proven fact...that's the nature of hypothesis and without it
       we would be still be hudled in caves fearing shadows.

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