SNMP MIB for setting dialer strings

SNMP MIB for setting dialer strings

Post by D. Ruc » Fri, 10 Jan 2003 19:06:05


I'm looking for a solution to set and/or change the dialer string on a
Dialer Interface using SNMP. Is there a MIB that can be used for such
Background: We have to change the dialer strings on Cisco 3640
access-routers with a "self-made" application without manual configuration
tasks on the router. That's why I'm looking for a solution with SNMP MIBs,
if possible. May be there are other solutions that also can be easely
implemented in an application.

Thank's for any informations.

Daniel Ruch


1. No luck setting an Octet string in a MIB - specifically the Q-btridge MIB.

I'm trying to set an octet string with no luck.
I've tried with an SNMPSET command and in some code that
sets other MIB values.

It's setting a portlist for a particular VLAN.
The OIDS I'm trying to set are;   Octet string dot1qVLanStaticEgressPorts   Octet string dot1qVlansTaticUntaggedPorts   RowStatus - dot1qVlanStaticRowStatus

The last 2 in all the above is the VLAN ID.

Generally, I set the rowstatus to 4 (Create and GO)
and I can set the other parameters at the same time.

I've had no luck with setting the OCtet Strings.
I've tried hex and octal with nothing happening.
These are READ-CREATE access.

I've tried to do a destroy for ROWStatus with no luck.
Is there a particular sequence I need to set these in to get this to work??

I did get an octet string to change once setting it to "ff".
It took it as ASCII though and the 2 bits that changed didn't make any sense.
When I try to set the whole port list of 8 bytes, nothing ever happens.
I can't use ASCII since the bit list does not come out as ascii.

Thanks, Pat

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