Cisco Aironet 1400 vs Trango Atlas 5010

Cisco Aironet 1400 vs Trango Atlas 5010

Post by Ned » Tue, 22 Nov 2005 20:40:59

Has anyone compared the two?  Looks like someone in my organization
purchased Trango and never checked with the IT department.  Our shop is
Cisco and we would have selected an Aironet 1400.  We use Radius
authentication which is not supported by this product, in general the
Cisco specs seem more secure. Can anyone comment?

Cisco Aironet 1400
Cisco Wireless Security Suite, including:
802.1X support including LEAP to yield mutual authentication and
dynamic per-user, per-session encryption keys
Support for static and dynamic IEEE 802.11 WEP keys of 40 bits and 128
WPA TKIP and Cisco TKIP enhancements: key hashing (per packet keying),
Message Integrity Check (MIC), and broadcast key rotation

Trango Atlas 5010
Proprietary MAC address authentication; 128-bit proprietary encryption;
over-the-air data scrambling; two level password control.


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I have two Aironet 1400's about 1/4 mile apart. They are used to
transmit video (MPEG4) from a video encoder (analog cameras there) at
the remote location to an archiver/viewing server at the main location.
When I try to view the live video from the main location it comes
accross either very dark and pixelated or not at all. I have no trouble
viewing live video from locally connected cameras at the main location.
I know the video archiver partly relies on multicasting and I wanted to
know if the bridges support multicast packets. I tested the RSSI on the
radio and I got 1.3 Volts, I also moved a 70 megabyte file over the
bridged connection and it completed in 55 seconds.


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