Server SAPs stopped w/Cisco routers

Server SAPs stopped w/Cisco routers

Post by Al Harkrade » Sun, 20 Apr 1997 04:00:00

We've got a WAN of Cisco routers that connects 26 Netware 3.12 servers.
The servers are Compaq Proliant 1000/1500s; the Ciscos are 25xx models
running 11.1.6 or better; we're using IPX EIGRP to limit SAPs between

Occasionally (once/week), one of the servers stops sending SAPs on its
Ethernet.  When we use track to see what it is doing, it is continuously
SAPing the INTERNAL network (like, *whoosh* on the track display, if you
know what I mean).  It is still responding to GNS & route requests, so
the local users are fine, but no one can attach from across the WAN --
so mail doesn't get distributed, etc.

This never happened before we replaced our LAN2LAN network with Cisco
routers.  We've heard thir*th-hand reports that this is a well-known
problem but can't find anything about it (TID 2906058 is the right
symptom but that's about all).  Anybody got any advice?

Signed - still muddled in minnesota


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I have been using a few public time servers, and they all seem to stop
working after a period of time.  I have my Cisco router set to synchronize
to two separate public NTP servers ( and, and eventually, both servers stop responding
and the router loses NTP synchronization.  I have to delete the NTP servers
from the router configuration and re-add them to get things to start working
again.  Also, unless I specify the "ntp master" option in the Cisco router
configuration, the router itself eventually stops responding to NTP

Does anybody have any ideas why this might be happening?  I just want to
have the router synchronize to a few sources and then have all my inside
hosts synchronize to the router.  I would greatly appreciate any help
anybody can give me.  Also, I would appreciate it if you could copy your
response to me via email.



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