Cisco 1004 vs. CiscoPro 1004

Cisco 1004 vs. CiscoPro 1004

Post by Artak Melkonia » Wed, 16 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I would appreciate if anybody answers my question:

Can an IP/IPX feature set (IOS 11.1)for CiscoPro 1004 work on
Cisco 1004 router, or there are hardware or firmware differences
between these two products that could prevent that.

Thank you.

Artak Melkonian


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I'm trying to get two 1004's to talk to each other.

More specifically, I can get them to talk to each other (the ISDN link
is solid over both B channels) and pass RIP routing info (at least one
way), but the conenction won't hold for more than 120 seconds (oddly
enough, the exact setting of the T316 timer) before it drops and

I am unable to pass TCP or ICMP (telnet and ping) across the link.  
Everything else looks fine.  Any ideas?


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