cisco vs. netblazer for low-end router/term server

cisco vs. netblazer for low-end router/term server

Post by Seth La » Wed, 24 Nov 1993 22:55:00

I just got a presentation of Telebit's NetBlazer and I got to tell
you, I was pretty impressed with what they offer with regards
to asynch routing/security and their terminal server.    I have
also been less impressed with cisco's cs500 of late, especially
with their implementation of PPP.  

I am primarilty a cisco shop and have no reason to change b/c I am
comfortable with their interface and performance but at the low
end and for dial-up connections, they seem to have been passed by
by Telebit.

I am sending this to this group to perhaps learn if I missed something
that cisco's cs500 might have over these NetBlazers (besides implementation of IGRP).  Any insight would be helpful.

I do NOT own Telebit stock and am in no way in cahoots (sp?) with them.


-Seth Lane
 EJV Partners


1. Please enable egress filters by default on low-end CISCO routers

Nearly every other piece of network software in the world has "default
settings" that contain restrictions on usage, except our most
important ones - our routers.  For example: email servers come with
rate filtering defaults and are closed to relaying by default.

Router vendors should be selling products that are "default
restrictive", unless you are an advanced user who knows how to unlock
more powerful features - not the other way around.

Rather than begging 200 million clueless users to reconfigure their
OS'es and routers after installing them, we should simply call
attention to the security vulnerabilities inherent in the default
settings of the hardware.

Filters that are within the capabilities of the O/S and are reasonable
defaults for a majority of the users should be enabled by default.

At some point, failure to do this could even be seen as negligent on
the part of the vendors.

At the very least, egress filtering, syn flood prevention, basic port
filters should be enabled by default.

Also, let me know when this is fixed. ;)

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