TACACS and Extended TACACS

TACACS and Extended TACACS

Post by Richard R. Cow » Sat, 21 Aug 1993 08:24:06

I'm trying to set up a router (9.1) with access control and logging, and
have been unable to get both working at the same time. I've got it where
the router can query back to my Sparc station for username, password...
but haven't been able to see where the logging goes. Anyone know? Is this
the way this stuff is suppoed to work?

If you've got it working, please send me the command you start the
daemon with, and the router commands.

thanks...rich cower


TACACS and Extended TACACS

Post by Dave Stafford x44 » Sat, 21 Aug 1993 19:00:24

We have experienced major performance problems across a Cisco FDDI
backbone with DECnet. Part of the problem is the routers appear to
be dropping DEc packets, and the VAXs are very slow to recover. The
latter hopefully can be fixed via NCP tuning, however I'd like to
know if I can show the Cisco dropping packets. The output of "show
dec traffic" is given below:

Total: 57218208 received, 0 format errors, 0 unimplemented
       0 not a gateway, 0 no memory, 557 no routing vector
       0 congestion encountered
Hellos: 3115172 received, 0 bad, 2404 other area, 1129867 sent
Level 1 routing: 1108503 received, 0 bad, 0 other area, 763536 sent
Level 2 routing: 543457 received, 0 not primary router, 381768 sent
Data: 52451076 received, 0 not long format, 10 too many visits
      52433755 forwarded, 2 returned, 0 converted, 2 local destination
      0 access control failed, 2 no route, 0 encapsulation failed
      0 inactive network, 0 incomplete map

In the "data" section can I assume that if the "received" and "forwarded"
values are different, the router has dropped packets? If not, how can
I tell?