Frame Relay Payload Compression

Frame Relay Payload Compression

Post by alex.kk... » Fri, 16 Oct 1998 04:00:00

     On the frame relay router I enabled payload compression on each of the
     subinterfaces.  Yet, the show compress output looks like this:

     Router#show compress
                      uncompressed bytes xmt/rcv 0/221671809
                      1  min avg ratio xmt/rcv 0.000/0.056
                      5  min avg ratio xmt/rcv 0.000/0.077
                      10 min avg ratio xmt/rcv 0.000/0.070
                      no bufs xmt 0 no bufs rcv 0
                      restarts 0
            Additional Stacker Stats:
            Transmit bytes:  Uncompressed =        0 Compressed = 0
            Received bytes:  Compressed =   101758272 Uncompressed =

     Question is why I got those two zero counters for transmit bytes, and
     two equal counters for received bytes?  Or how should it be

     Thanks for your input.

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