grey products

grey products

Post by timm » Sun, 02 Nov 2003 00:43:25

Sorry this is not a techy question, but how do you know if your purchasing
cisco grey products.



1. "Chameleon Gray" "BTS Light Gray/Dolphin Gray" colors on Nortel 9417CW...what do they look like?

Question from a Nortel neophyte:

I'm considering buying the Nortel 9417CW (the one with the enhanced caller
id display.)

Unfortunately, the phones are hard to find here in Los Angeles, and the
Nortel website offers no clue as to what "Chameleon Grey"
or "BTS Light Grey/Dolphin Grey" might look really like.  (Chameleons are
known for being gray???)  Further confusing things,
NetMarket doesn't list these colors at all for the 9417, but instead offers
the phone in "Charcoal" or "Ash" (in addition to Almond and Black.)

Has anyone seen these colors, and if so, could you tell me what they look
like?  Also, for those who have bought single units of Nortel phones, who
was your vendor and were you happy with them?

Finally, what does the enhanced display show before/during a call?  (I might
not get Caller ID service, as virtually everyone in California blocks their
info -- is the display mute or useless without it?)  Is
there a fix for the delay between pressing the Handsfree button and the
speakerphone coming on?  If not, is the delay still bothersome to you?

And is 9417CW is a good phone in the first place?

Thanks for any help,


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