x25 route, "alias" clause

x25 route, "alias" clause

Post by Kevin Quinl » Wed, 19 Aug 1992 01:50:19

I would like to get our CGS 3 router to accept X25 calls for 2 addresses.

I was working on this when we upgraded from 8.2 to 9.0(1) today.

In the 8.2 config I had an X25 route phrase like this:

x25 route ^23421234567890 alias Null0

To be frank, I do not know if this does what I want, because I had not
tested it before the new PROMS arrived. However it is a bit academic,
as (from my experimentation) 9.0(1) will not accept the null interface
in an X25 route command. I get told "Must be running X.25 - Null0" -
fair enough, but 8.2 didn't complain!

What I would like to do is to set up the router to accept calls that
are addressed to an X121 number other than that applied to the serial
interfaces, I understood from the manual that this is what the "alias"
clause would do.  But if I cannot give the null interface, what
interface should I use?  What does the interface name mean when an
alias is specified?  Is it for calls that come in that interface only,
or is the call sent back to that interface? Or does the call appear to
come from that interface?

In case anyone from Cisco says that I should ask them, I should say
that our local UK technical support people cannot help, and asking the
net seemed like the next quickest route.  But in case anyone is
interested; it is my view that the manual (including the 9.0 manual)
is a little vague on this point.

Kevin Quinlan

        (Kevin Quinlan)


1. [kquinlan@CVEDG.Prime.COM: x25 route, "alias" clause]

Hi Kevin,

Correct, 9.0 and 8.3 do not accept NULL in this command anymore.
They require a serial line number instead.

Sure enough.

an alias route is valid only for calls that come in on the named

Example: x25 route .* alias serial 0

If a call comes in on interface serial 0 and matches the
alias' x121-pattern (and any cud pattern) or in my example any x121
address, the call will be accepted for the given type of connectivity.

Please feel free to ask the net any time.

I totaly agree here and I will submit a documentation bug to correct
this problem.

Eman Schaffer
Customer Engineering

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