Missing Calling-Station-Id in Access-Request

Missing Calling-Station-Id in Access-Request

Post by Prashant Des » Sun, 04 May 2003 00:55:44

Hi all

  we rae using cisco uBR 7246, as our PPPoE
concentrator and NAS , we are running IOS (tm) 7200
Software (UBR7200-IK8S-M), Version 12.2(11)BC3, EARLY

   we are presently using the Radius Authentication
for all the PPPoE dialin Users , but when i see in the
debug mode by enabling "debug radius", debug aaa
authentication" & "debug aaa accounting" i cant see
cisco uBR sending "Calling-Station-Id" attribute to
the radius , which i think sould contain value of the
customer's MAC Address if i am correct ?? pls correct
me if i am wrong here ?

   now i check out every option on the Ubr to enable
this i even tried these following commands

aaa group server radius accountgroup
 server auth-port 1645 acct-port 1646
 server auth-port 1645 acct-port 1646
 authorization accept default ( added this command)
radius-server attribute list default

and also added "calling-station-ID" attribute under
attribute list (Default the one created by above

than also i cant see cisco uBR our NAS sending the
Calling-Station-ID to the radius server ,

i even tried doing this

my-cmts02(config)#radius-server attribute ?
  11        Filter-Id attribute configuration
  188       Num-In-Multilink attribute configuration
  218       Address-Pool attribute
  32        NAS-Identifier attribute
  4         NAS IP address attribute
  44        Acct-Session-Id attribute
  6         Service-Type attribute
  69        Tunnel-Password attribute
  8         Framed IP address attribute
  list      List of Attribute Types
  nas-port  NAS-Port attribute configuration

but as u see there isnt any thing mentioned for
"calling-station-ID" (31)  so i was not able to enable
it ,

  so if any one knows anything about this then kindly
let me know what i am missing here ? what should i do
to enable it so that it starts sending
calling-station-ID attribute?